What is the price difference between In Person and Virtual Event tickets?
- There is no price difference
- Virtual Tickets and In-Person Tickets are both $35
 With the date change for 2021, if I am no longer able to make the November Event, can my tickets roll over to the 2022 event?
Currently at this time, this option is not available. 
 Do we offer a discount for A Christmas Story Family VIP members?
No, $35 is the price for all attendees.
 What is the Refund Policy?
There are no refunds unless we have to cancel or reschedule the event.
 I live outside of the United States, do you have special pricing based on our exchange rate?
No, all tickets are $35 USD.
 How can I buy bulk tickets?
- Please contact us via email: info@achristmasstoryfamily.com
- Please note, there is no discount for bulk tickets. All tickets are $35.
 If I select in-person, but get COVID a few days before the Event, can I attend the virtual event instead?
- Yes, we will convert your ticket into a virtual ticket.  
 What happens if the Event is unable to happen due to Covid?
- If due to COVID, we are unable to hold a live event, your ticket will be converted into a Virtual Ticket, where you will have an amazing Virtual Experience!
 Can I purchase a ticket onsite the day of the event?
Not this year; due to Covid, all tickets must be purchased in advance. 
 My country doesn’t allow travel, how can I attend?
If you are unable to attend the Event in person, you can purchase a virtual ticket and attend that way.