What is the deadline for deciding if I will be attending in person or virtually?
October 31st is the deadline for notifying us if you will be attending in person or virtually. This will allow enough time to plan accordingly and make sure your SWAG is ordered and shipped!
 Are there COVID-related restrictions about who can attend?
Please defer to your local jurisdiction to determine if restrictions apply. If you have questions, please contact us at info@achristmasstoryfamily.com.
 Why am I paying New York Sales Tax 8.75%?
Because the event is being held in New York and being broadcast from New York, we are legally required to charge you New York Sales Tax (4% from New York + 4.75% Rome = 8.75%).
 I have moved since buying my ticket, how can I update my address?
There will be a form in your member's area where you can update your shipping address.
 Are there sponsorship opportunities for my business?
If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to info@achristmasstoryfamily.com.
 What is the Event schedule going to be?
- There's No Registration Required - Simply show up 30 mins to an hour early before the time you selected on your ticket for the main event on the 27th of November. Daily schedules aren’t typically published but plan on starting around 11 am and concluding later into the evening each day.
- The VIP event is on the 26th is around 8 pm (as of now, we have not scheduled an end time).
- We do reserve the right to change this schedule at any time.
 Does the theater offer free parking?
 Does the hotel offer free parking?
 Are pets allowed in the Event?
- No. The theater and the hotel do NOT allow pets in their establishment.
- If you have a service animal, please reach out to us in advance so we can help coordinate. 
 Will there be an opportunity to meet the cast?
Yes. Their goal is to meet everyone at the event : )
 Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?
No, you are typically responsible for your own meals.
 What is the difference between IN PERSON and VIRTUAL tickets?
Both experiences are going to be amazing! The difference is: in person, you will be in Rome New York at the event space; virtual can be watched anywhere in the world where there is internet access :)
 Will all of the cast members from the movie be present at the event or will they present over zoom on tv/big screen?
We are hoping to have all cast members in person at A Christmas Story LIVE, but we have learned over the last 12 months that things can change.
 Will there be a conference app that we can download?
No, we do not have a conference app at this time.
 Which cast members will be involved this year?
We will be releasing the cast line up as we get closer to the event.
 How many people will be at this event?
With the current guidelines in place, we plan on having about 1,750 people in attendance LIVE every every 2 hours. Of course, this number is subject to change.
 Are we allowed to record audio/video at the event?
No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures!
 Is there a Facebook Group for ACSL 2021?
There will be! We will have more details soon...