If I come in person will I be guaranteed to sit in the main/lower theater section?
The seating arrangement is first-come, first-serve. We intend on making the in-person experience amazing for everyone that attends. As things continue to shift and change with Covid, so will configuration for the event. But we plan and hope on everyone being able to see LIVE cast members for those that attend in person.
 Is there a VIP/Preferred seating area?
At this time, there is no VIP or Preferred seating.
 Do you make special accommodations for those with physical limitations?
Yes. Special Early Access is available. Please reach out to info@achristmasstoryfamily.com.
 Do A Christmas Story Family VIP Members get any special benefits?
Yes, we will be offering Special Early Access to the Main Theater prior to the General doors opening. You will need to be in the Early Access Lounge Area in order to get early access.
 Can I purchase an Early Access Ticket?
No, not at this time. Early access is reserved for our A Christmas Story Family VIP Members at this time.